A workshop titled “New technology for the Nordic fishing fleet: Fishing gear and effective catch handling” was held in Reykjavik, Iceland, on October 1st & 2nd 2013.

The goal of the workshop was to disseminate the most recent research and development in the field of fishing gear and on-board handling. A primary objective of the workshop, which was funded by the Nordic Ministers of Council’s AG-fisk,  was to facilitate networking between researchers and industry in the Nordic countries. The hope is that such networking will induce cooperation and knowledge transfer in the Nordic marine sector.

The workshop agenda along with the presentations and recordings can be seen below.

October 1st

8:45 Registration and coffee
9:00 Welcome by Hörður Kristinsson, Research Director of Matís ohf
9:05 Welcome by AG-fisk, Leon Smith from Havstovan & AG
9:10 Welcome and “housekeeping” by Jonas R. Viðarsson, project coordinator


  Session 1:  Selectiveness of fishing gear
9:20 Development of a new ecological selective cod trawl for the Baltic     Recording of the presentation                                                                          Jan Montin from X-Chain System AB and STPO (Sweden)
9:40 Selection in mid-water trawl fisheries for cod                                     Recording of the presentation                                                                           Dr. Eduardo Grimaldo from Sintef (Norway)
10:00 The fish selector by Star-Oddi                                                                       Recording of the presentation                                                                    Sigmar Guðbjörnsson from Star-Oddi (Iceland)
10:20 Dynex warp                                                                                            Recording of the presentation                                                                   Haraldur Árnason Hampiðjan (Iceland)
10:40 Are design or the size of the trawl affecting the codend selectivity?  Recording of the presentation                                                                   Haraldur Einarsson from Icelandic MRI (Iceland)
11:00 Group discussions  Working groups_Session 1
11:30 Presentation and plenary discussions
12:15 Lunch


  Session 2:  Environmental impacts of fishing gear
13:00 Gear development for an industry driven fishery management – including challenges to develop harvest strategies to meet discard ban and eco-labelling.   Recording of the presentation                                           Staffan Larson from STPO (Sweden)
13:20 Fuel efficiency and fisheries’ carbon footprint reduction                Recording of the presentation                                                                   Antonello Sala from CNR-ISMAR (Italy)
13:40 Redesign of trawls and raised doors in demersal trawling gives large reduction in environmental footprint                                                  Recording of the presentation                                                                         Ulrik Jes Hansen from CATch-Fish (Denmark)
14:00 The light trawl                                                                                                    Recording of the presentation                                                                             Halla Jónsdóttir from Innovation Centre Iceland (Iceland)
14:20 Group discussions  Working groups_Session 2
14:45 Presentation and plenary discussions


  Session 3: Improve fishing gear to minimize cost and improve quality
15:20 Developments on trawl technology, seen from a netmakers view       Recording of the presentation                                                                    Kristjan Zachariassen from Vonin Ltd. (Faroe Islands)
15:40 Effects of fishing gear on quality – the SEQUID project                          Recording of the presentation                                                                       Daphné Deloof from ILVO (Belgium)
16:00 Coastal fisheries in the N-Atlantic – project introduction                   Recording of the presentation                                                                      Jónas R. Viðarsson from Matís (Iceland)
16:20 Autoline fisheries – Investments in efficiency and quality               Recording of the presentation                                                                         Arne Tennøy from Mustad longline (Norway)
16:40 Group discussions  Working groups_Session 3
17:15 Presentation and plenary discussions
18:00 Summing up

20:00 Project dinner


October 2nd  

  Session 4: Effective catch handling
9:00 Effective catch handling systems for cod, haddock and Saithe              Recording of the presentation                                                                            Dr. Hanne Digre and Leif Grimsmo from SINTEF (Norway)
9:20 Mackerel pump system                                                                          Recording of the presentation                                                                       Hardi Hansen from Varðin Pelagic (Faroe Islands)
9:40 New concept for gentle and effective catch handling and storage of pelagic fish onboard                                                                                Recording of the presentation                                                                           Dr. Ida G. Aursand from SINTEF (Norway)
10:00 Redesign of demersal wetfish trawler processing decks                  Recording of the presentation                                                                         Sæmundur Elíasson from Matís and Torfi Þorsteinsson from HB Grandi (Iceland)
10:20 The CRISP project                                                                                Recording of the presentation                                                                        Jónas R. Viðarsson from Matís (Iceland)
10:40 Electrical stunning_is it an alternative for captured fish?              Recording of the presentation                                                                                 Hans Van De Vis from IMARES (Netherlands)
11:00 Group discussions  Working groups_Session 4
11:30 Presentation and plenary discussions
12:15 Lunch
13:00 Wrap up
13:15 Industry meets scientists (participants are given the opportunity to have private meetin among each other)
15:00 Finish


List of attendees