Project partners

This project is funded by the Nordic council of Ministers working group for fisheries co-operation (AG-Fisk)



 Project partners and contact persons are:

Matis_logoMatís ohf. in Iceland, contact: Jonas R. Vidarsson.


Sintef Sintef in Norway, contact: Hanne Digre


Havstovan Havstovan, Faroe Marine Research Institute, Contact: Leon Smith


Catch-fish CATch-fish in Denmark, Contact: Ulrik Jes Hansen



UiT (NO) – Contact: Roger Larsen

MRI (IS) – Contact: Haraldur Einarsson

DTU (DK) – Contact: Niels Madsen

STPO (SE) – Contact: Staffan Larson

BIM (IE) – Contact: Michael Gallagher

CNR-ISMAR (IT) – Contact: Antonello Sala

ILVO (BE) – Contact: Daphné Deloof

IMARES (NL) – Hans Van de Vis